Demo Content Import

Import DEMO

1.  First, go to Appearance > Import Demo Data and click Import Demo Data.

2. Please wait until the demo data is imported properly because it may take a while.

3. And finally when demo data importation is finished successfully  you will see a confirmation message. 

Permalinks Setup

To create a custom URL structure for your permalinks go to Settings > Permalinks  and fill in the Common Settings and Product Permalinks forms there.

Woocommerce Setup

To set up WooCommerce  go to WooCommerce and run the WooCommerce Setup Wizard. The Setup Wizard takes you through all necessary steps to set up your store.

Homepage Setup

Go to settings select A static page set your Homepage and  Post page and hit Save Changes.

Menu Setup

Go to Appearance > Menus And select Primary in the Menu Settings.

Product Setup

1. Go to Pages > Home hit Edit with Elementor.

2. Go to Our Product section click edit Button.

3. Select Featured from the Product category dropdown and hit update.